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Critiquing stories, and critiquing critiques.'s Journal
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Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
7:52 am
So...you think you can write?

a rating community for writers
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Monday, September 29th, 2008
1:44 pm
The Justice Hawk
Name: Patricia Brown (pbmaxca)
Genre: Sci-Fi
Rating: PG
Title: The Justice Hawk
What elements I want the critiques to focus upon:
What do you think of this as the beginning of a story? Am I missing the mark by making this my first scene?

The Justice Hawk...

Jacquelyn stood at attention facing the door, shiny-shoed feet together, gloved hands at her sides with her back straight as an arrow.  The comforting smell of shoe and metal polish that mixed with a chemically glue smell that seemed to be emanating from the short napped carpet below her feet made her feel strangely at ease.  After so long being around the military, she liked the idea that everything around her was clean and in running order, even if the smell wasn’t on the list of ‘things I’d like to smell before I die’.


Read more of Chapter One...Collapse )
Saturday, May 12th, 2007
11:00 am
Critique: Angel of Death
The most successful style of critiquing I've tried, ie: the style that has actually gotten comments on helpfulness, is a crayon-box concept.  I use colours to put a tone to my words (something I've found lessens the negative feeling of impersonal text)  I comment in the style of interruptions, which in speech is rude but on paper seems okay (do you find it rude, or disorienting?), trying hard to give specific examples if I state a generality and give examples rather than dictate a change(unless it is a typo or grammar fumble).

Thursday, May 10th, 2007
10:08 am
Hmm, some re-thinking on where to put the crits is in order...
Settecorvi's critique took two comments to post, and so did my reply.  And now that I've started working on a crit for 'The Angel of Death' (I'll get it to you in the next couple days, Stephanie.  I like to go over it a couple of times to make sure I've put enough thought into it), I am going to need more space than a single comment will allow; and I like to use colours to add the right tone to my words, which comments don't allow.

Does anyone know if the tags we have an option of adding would help?  I've never really understood how they worked, except that they organized the posts by type.  Here is my thought:  if we add the tag 'Story' to every story submission, and comment once on that post when we've posted a critique to it, with the link to the new critique.  Then we add the tag 'Critique' to every critique submission, and make sure to use the title of the story critiqued in the title of the post.  Then anything not a 'Story' or 'Critique', could be tagged 'Conversation'.  I pose this question to any of you who have used tags before: How well would that work?

Or if any of you have another idea of how to make this easy to understand without having to use multiple comments for the crit, please post it...
Monday, May 7th, 2007
11:24 am
Anyone else have a story we could critique?
I'd love to see what others think of my critiquing methods, but it would be futile to critique my own story...
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
11:00 am
Fantasy Chapter to Critique
Name: Étaín
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG13
Title: Croth Rebellion - The Beginning

What elements I want the critiques to focus upon: first impressions and second impressions, unanswered questions, "Wouldn't it be cool if"s, and anything else you spot that is in your comfort-zone to comment on.

Teaser: Ethan Croth is a stereotype farmer-turned-hero, fighting a stereotypical sadistic lord, but he is also fighting the weather and doesn't know who his allies are or how they're manipulating him.  This is part of chapter one, I have a bit more of the story written and you can find the links here

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