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Hmm, some re-thinking on where to put the crits is in order...

Settecorvi's critique took two comments to post, and so did my reply.  And now that I've started working on a crit for 'The Angel of Death' (I'll get it to you in the next couple days, Stephanie.  I like to go over it a couple of times to make sure I've put enough thought into it), I am going to need more space than a single comment will allow; and I like to use colours to add the right tone to my words, which comments don't allow.

Does anyone know if the tags we have an option of adding would help?  I've never really understood how they worked, except that they organized the posts by type.  Here is my thought:  if we add the tag 'Story' to every story submission, and comment once on that post when we've posted a critique to it, with the link to the new critique.  Then we add the tag 'Critique' to every critique submission, and make sure to use the title of the story critiqued in the title of the post.  Then anything not a 'Story' or 'Critique', could be tagged 'Conversation'.  I pose this question to any of you who have used tags before: How well would that work?

Or if any of you have another idea of how to make this easy to understand without having to use multiple comments for the crit, please post it...
Tags: conversation
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