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critiquthecrits's Journal

Critiquing stories, and critiquing critiques.
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I hope this community will attract writers looking for critiques on their work, and help these writers improve their critiquing method.

Critiquing improves a writer's work almost as much as someone submitting a critique to them; but not many aspiring writers know how - or feel comfortable critiquing others' work.

I will put my own critiquing methods to stories as I have the time to do so, and I hope that when I do, the original writer and any experienced critiquers will comment on what was helpful and why.


-Feel free make a conversation-post, make sure you tag it 'conversation', rather than make a comment to a story-post that isn't a critique. I hope to keep those comments to a story mostly critiques (or links to a critique made as a separate post) of the story and critiques of the crits.

-If your critique does not fit in one comment, please make a separate post and tag it as 'critique', then post a comment to the story in question with a link to your posted critique.

-It is good to mention what parts of a story you do not like, but you should always focus on the positive parts - even when it is something that needs fixing. After all, these authors are going to reply to you about how helpful you were - they're not going to say "Your grammar sucks!" was a very helpful comment ;) however, along the same lines, "Here is a resource I recommend to help you improve your grammar" could be very helpful indeed.

-Please pay close attention to what the author is looking for, comments on those will likely help more than what they're not asking for. Conversely, authors should give a list of things they are hoping the critiquer to comment upon; otherwise, you won't get what you want out of this.

-If you've posted a story for critiquing, please look for someone else's story within your genre with the least comments and critique it - if there is nothing within your genre, then please try to find a genre you enjoy reading and critique that one. This community won't work very well unless you post critiques at least as much as you post stories for critiques.

-If you've posted a story for critiquing, be prompt and courteous about replying to any critiques it acquires - make sure you mention what helped you in the critique and what didn't, but focus on the helpful parts and why they were helpful.

-Please nobody post critiques to the critiques of the critiques, that's an ugly and never-ending cycle.

-Please use the comment option to post your critique

-Please use the 'reply to this comment' option to post a response to a critique

-Please tag all stories hoping for a critique as 'story' and start them thus:

What elements I want the critiques to focus upon:

lj-cut text="The Story" (please put your story underneath the LJ cut)